A salute to Tamagotchis

Greta Gotlieb - Sunday, August 14, 2016

Getting the original Tamagotchi was up there as one of the best times of my childhood but also one of the most stressful times of my life. I love pets (we had a cat and dog) but this was my very own virtual pet that I could take with me everywhere, or so I thought.

On reflection my parents choose the optimal time to give a gift that will entertain a child for endless hours the morning of leaving for the airport on an overseas holiday! My older sister and I were beyond excited. 

Here are some of my highs and lows of owning a Tamagotchi as a very emotional child.

In the beginning, the moment of creation, seeing this pulsating egg on the screen of my Tamagotchi was super exciting. After a quick google I found out that a Tamagotchi egg will hatch in about 5 minutes, I swear it took hours as a kid but this was an absolute highlight.

I had fun feeding my Tamagotchi meals and snacks, playing games and I would turn off the light when he was sleeping so he wouldn't get restless. But I wasn't so good at the discipline part. 

Yep, just like real pets, they go to the bathroom. If droppings appear on the screen, it must be cleaned up right away or Tamagotchi will get sick.



Whilst still on holiday, a boy I was made to hang out with stole my pet, locked himself in the bathroom, he was attempting to kill it by leaving his poops, overfeeding him and disciplining him for no reason. What a mean loser... We also watched the disaster film/thriller Dante's Peak which added to the worst night of a otherwise very happy childhood. I still have vivid flash backs of the grandma pushing that dam boat. 

The evolution of my Tamagotchi was pretty disappointing as my sisters turned into the cutest and best pet mine transformed into the least cute one. Lets just say my parenting skills were pretty lacklustre but not from lack of effort. 

So I ended up with a naughty, ugly pet, but I still loved him regardless. 




Once back at school we were not allowed to take our pets with us as they are very distracting. My poor mother had to look after our pets for us while she was at work. Something she didn't sign up for when she got them for us.

On occasion the dreaded "skull" appeared, which meant Tamagotchi was sick and needed medicine.




But on the whole we were doing great I was learning some much needed responsibility. 

Until the day I left it in my pocket and we put the Tamagotchi through the wash. The results were devastating as the screen was completely blank.

My mum and I were very upset and we both had a cry over our lost beloved pet.


RIP Tamagotchi.


A few hours later my Tamagotchi magically dried out came back to life! With a new egg, it felt like my friend wasn't gone after all.  

So the cycle started all over again.

Although I'm sure I did much better the next time around.


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